Number One Escape Room Coupons

Number One Escape Room Coupons

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About Number One Escape Room

Test your wit and teamwork skills as you race against the clock to solve a mystery and lead the group to safety. Number One Escape Room is a live escape adventure game you can play with friends or family.

Number One Escape Room Coupons
Number One Escape Room Coupons
Number One Escape Room Coupons
Number One Escape Room Coupons

More Information on Number One Escape Room

Each escape room has a different theme and is expertly designed by gamers, production assistants, and set designers to give a realistic feel to each contrived situation. Once you’ve selected your game, you’ll have just 60 minutes to escape your fate. Using your mystery solving skills and logical thinking, your entire team will have to work together to break out of the room. Once you and your team pool together your brain power and utilize your puzzle-solving skills, you’ll be out of there in no time.

The Cabin
While camping in the woods, a bunch of friends head out for a hike and quickly become lost. While frantically looking for the way back to the camp they stumble upon a small cabin buried deep in the woods. As the sun sets and darkness approaches, they realize they are not alone. With little option and a storm imminent they decide to ride out the night in the cabin. Work with your team to escape the Cabin before any unwanted guests show up.

Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood is a suspect in a series of murders that you and your team of private investigators have been hired to look into. In this grim tale, your team mission is to go to Grandmother’s house to find out if Red went Hood in the Woods and partnered up with the Big Bad Wolf.

Double Crossed
After a jewelry heist, you and your team made off with over a million dollars in jewels, but you’re quickly arrested and pinched for the job. You figure out that you’ve been double-crossed by your employer, the corrupt Warden Miller. You now find yourself locked in the intake holding cells of Warden Miller’s maximum-security prison. In order to get revenge on your double-crosser, you must crack the security and break into the Warden’s office to reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

Big Foot Sighting in Las Vegas
Bigfoot was recently seen crossing the Las Vegas strip. Harrison Beach is the world’s most famous Bigfoot researcher and has several secret animal habitats in the Las Vegas area. You and your team have stumbled across one of his containment centers. What will be your next move?

Good To Know

  • Pay nothing upon arrival – simply scan your digital pass
  • Enjoy a 60-minute Escape Room game
  • Get the choice of games; The Cabin, Red Riding Hood, Double Crossed, or Bigfoot Sighting in Las Vegas
  • Visit plenty of other Las Vegas attractions for free with your pass

Address & Contact Information

Number One Escape Room
1775 East Tropicana Avenue
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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