Pioche Mining Town Coupons

Pioche Mining Town Coupons

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The Pioche Mining Town is free to the public and features groundbreaking exhibits of picturesque hometown appeal and more. Pioche is also known for its “Million Dollar Courthouse,” built in 1871.

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About Pioche Mining Town

Much in contrast to its colorful past, Pioche today attracts new residents with its friendly, picturesque hometown appeal. Pioche is the Lincoln County seat, the courthouse a prominent fixture of the town. With full amenities, Pioche offers good food, lodging, shopping, automotive and emergency services. The town’s recreation center includes park and picnic facilities, a swimming pool and a baseball diamond. A nine-hole golf course is also open for the avid golfer.

Pioche Mining Town Coupons
Pioche Mining Town Coupons
Pioche Mining Town Coupons
Pioche Mining Town Coupons

More Information on Pioche Mining Town

The Pioche Mining Town, about three hours north of Las Vegas on the scenic Highway 93, is well worth a day trip to experience Nevada’s storied past. This old mining town is a bit of a hike from Las Vegas, about three hours north on the scenic Highway 93. But it’s well worth a day trip. Situated in a picturesque mountainside setting, Pioche is filled with hulking, rusting remnants of mines that yielded $5 million in ore from 1869 to 1872 (this figure would be worth nearly $90 million in today’s dollars).

Pioche was a rough and tumble place, filled with saloons, gunfights and 10,000 inhabitants at its peak. Now it’s home to around 700 people. Of special interest in the Pioche Mining Town are the gravity-powered tramway that moved ore across the Pioche sky, the well stocked Lincoln County Museum and the Million Dollar Courthouse, a real boondoggle of an old building.

Address & Contact Information

Pioche Mining Town
Pioche, NV 89043

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