Dracula Las Vegas Coupons

Dracula Las Vegas Coupons

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About Dracula Las Vegas

You’re riding your horse on a dark and stormy night in the woods of Transylvania and an eerie feeling comes over you. A noise goes off in the distance and you come across this beautiful creature, a vampire. By now, you should know we are watching Dracula by Nevada Ballet Theatre. Now, all we need is some popcorn to make this the perfect night out. Dracula by the Nevada Ballet Theatre is filling The Smith Center with one spooky love story.

Dracula Las Vegas Coupons
Dracula Las Vegas Coupons
Dracula Las Vegas Coupons
Dracula Las Vegas Coupons

More Information on Dracula Las Vegas

Dive into the beauty of horror that is Dracula. The Nevada Ballet Theatre brings Ben Stevenson’s morbid interpretation of Dracula to life with their elegant lines, aggressive pirouettes and gothic grandness with their costumes and sets. Just make sure to arrive an hour before the show to get the most out of your tickets. Nevada Ballet Theatre offers an engaging presentation with insights about the show’s history and behind-the-scenes preparation. Experience the love and horror of Dracula in Vegas during the spookiest time of year.

Ben Stevenson’s Dracula fills the stage with eerie gothic grandness, from its costumes and sets, to the glorious love triangle at the center of its iconic tale. Set to the music of Franz Liszt, this world of sweeping movement, ingenious stage effects, and dark, rich coloring will envelope you in its haunting world of evil temptation and transfix you from first bite.

Address & Contact Information

The Smith Center for the Preforming Arts
361 Symphony Park Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89106

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