Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons

Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons

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About Museum at Eldridge Street

Learn about the history of this synagogue and why it holds such deep significance for the Jewish community on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The Eldridge Street Synagogue was built in the late 19th Century to accommodate the boom in Jewish immigration to New York, and the Lower East Side in particular. But when the 1924 Immigrant Quota Laws forced the Jewish community into decline, the building fell into a long period of decay and neglect. 

Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons
Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons
Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons
Museum at Eldridge Street Coupons

More Information on Museum at Eldridge Street

Rediscovered in the 1970s and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1996, the synagogue underwent an astonishing 20-year renovation, including the installation of a spectacular new stained glass window, to transform it into the vibrant museum and hub for arts and education that it is today. Step through the magnificent neo-Moorish facade and inside this grand architectural marvel, where you’ll find glass domes bearing the Star of David, towering brass lamps, and an impressive interior staircase. 

There’s a huge collection of written letters and artifacts to explore, provided by the Eldridge Street congregation, but the highlight that will have you reaching for your camera is the monumental stained glass window by artist Kiki Smith and architect Deborah Gans. This wonderful piece of contemporary art is the museum’s centerpiece: a 16-foot circular window in swirling blues and turquoise containing a galaxy of stars.

Museum at Eldridge Street highlights

  • Historic artifacts – discover local artifacts and letters from the Eldridge Street congregation
  • Ceiling domes – admire magnificent glass domes that feature the Star of David
  • Stained glass window – this extraordinary (and huge!) round window is a masterpiece of contemporary art
  • Experience the incredible restoration of the 19th-century Eldridge Street Synagogue.
  • There are a number of artifacts and interactive digital displays to explore.

Address & Contact Information

Museum at Eldridge Street
12 Eldridge Street
New York, NY 10002

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