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About iFLY Atlanta

There’s no other feeling in the world quite like indoor skydiving. iFLY’s state-of-the-art wind tunnels provide a safe flight experience, memories that will last a lifetime, and a unique story to tell!

iFLY Atlanta Coupons
iFLY Atlanta Coupons
iFLY Atlanta Coupons
iFLY Atlanta Coupons

More Information on iFLY Atlanta

At some age, we all dream of flying — perhaps as an eagle, a superhero, or maybe on a magic carpet. You can live that dream today. Flyers age 3 to 103 can make indoor skydiving. From beginners to seasoned pros, people of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can take flight and have the time of their lives. You don’t need to be an athlete or in perfect shape — our world-class instructors are experts at making flying fun for everyone who meets our flight guidelines.

You’ll receive your flight suit and helmet to get ready to take your turn in the wind tunnel. Your instructor will be there to guide you throughout your flight duration. The number of flights you get will depend on the package you choose.

The Basics

Stable Flying: As a beginner flyer, you’ll learn to maintain a stable flying position as you feel the rush of the wind keeping you suspended in the air…you’re Flying!

Flying Maneuvers: You’re now ready to begin adjusting your wings (your body!) to move around in the wind tunnel – turns, forward and back, sliding side to side, and up and down… You can do it!

Flying in 3 Dimensions: It’s time to put it all together! Explore the tunnel and the freedom of flying. You can even fly with friends or family members in the tunnel with you as well as play flying games that will both test and build your skills.

How To Prepare

You’ll put a flight suit on over your clothes, so wear a comfortable outfit you’d wear on a regular day. Eating prior to flying is okay.


  • Lace-up sneakers
  • Casual, comfortable clothes
  • Style hair for a fitted helmet, like a low bun
  • Glasses are okay


  • Jewelry, watches, accessories
  • Loose clothing & shoes
  • Items in pockets
  • Open-toed shoes or sandals

About This Deal

  • Total experience lasts approx. 1 hour and 45 minutes and includes:
    • Training Class
    • Full Instruction
    • Flights in the wind
    • Gear is included
    • Personalized Progress feedback
    • flight certificate
  • Age restrictions: must be 3 years or older; age 17 or younger must need a guardian present to sign waiver
  • If participant’s weight is between 260-300 lbs, you must bring this to the attention.
  • Heart or serious issues participants should avoid
  • Please arrive at iFLY Atlanta 10-15 mins earlier

Address & Contact Information

iFLY Atlanta
2778 Cobb Pkwy SE,
Atlanta, GA 30339

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