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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Known around the world as a party destination, Las Vegas is great for any celebration. Vegas has it all from the tame to the wild! Vegas nightlife can include a show on the strip, fine dining, and gambling, anyone can have a great time in Vegas. Days in Vegas consist of poolside time in the sun, or a shopping trip equal to none other. Walk along the strip and check out the many shows including Cirque du Soleil. Due to it’s location there are many fantastic day trips available, like the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the ever mysterious Area 51.

Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas Attraction Coupons

Need help finding the best things to do in Las Vegas? Besides the Casinos there are tons of things to go in Las Vegas! Feeling destructive? Check out Wreck Room where you can let go of your inner destructiveness and wreck everything, or maybe you like speed but don’t want that speeding ticket to haunt you? Try Pole Position and race around on go-karts in indoor comfort. Las Vegas even features several nearby lakes so that you can still have a beach day even in the middle of the desert!

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Browse our Travelin’ Fun page for trip tidbits, check out our favorite book on Las Vegas or spend some time reading through our Las Vegas blog! We love Las Vegas and hope you do too!