Travelin’ Fun

Travelin’ Fun

Here are some random things Travelin Coupons’ has compiled to help plan your journey, provide some inspiration and articles we liked. You could also just really need some advice on what to do before you kick the bucket. Hey! I want to go to the Maldives. We can all dream!

Travelin’ Coupons Fun Travel Activity Suggestions

Break free from the devices. Even if just for 10 minutes at a time!

Travelin’ Coupons Travel Must-Haves

These are travel must-haves that we have used and cannot travel without. Hopefully you get something out of this list or it reminds you what to put on your packing list.

Traveling with kids? First Aid Kits ARE A MUST!

Dirty Laundry Bags! A bag that you can reuse on each trip!

Wipes! Even if you don’t have kids!

Sleep with a fan? Just take one with you!

Type A much? Organize your luggage!

Lip stuff. A lot for every pocket, person and purse.

Travel blanket for the plane. It’s small & snuggly.

Power bank. Try not to lose it. It’s ok if you do!

Water bottle. Bring it for so many reasons!

Stevia water flavor packets for the water bottle!