Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons

Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons

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About Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta

You’ll have a blast trying to escape one of our adventures here in Atlanta, GA (Fulton County)! Find clues, solve puzzles, and work together to try to escape before time runs out! You have 60 minutes! Are you up for the challenge?

Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons
Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons
Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons
Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta Coupons

More Information on Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta

Mastermind is the perfect place to host your next team event, field trip, birthday party, or family gathering. Email or call with questions or to check multi-room availability. Mastermind offers both in-person and virtual game options for large groups. Here are some of the games you can enjoy!

The Shed:

You’ve been hearing disturbing rumors about your neighbor. When he leaves his house, you decide to check things out to see if those rumors are true. Find out what secrets your neighbor is hiding before he comes back and finds you snooping around. Stay away from the shed out back, or you may never escape. (This game requires maneuvering through smaller passageways and may not be suitable for those with physical disabilities).

Sorcerer’s Secret

You arrive at your uncle’s magic shop to investigate his mysterious disappearance. It’s up to you to foil an evil Sorcerer’s plot against him and escape his magic lair before you suffer the same curse that befell your uncle.

Bank Heist

You have joined a notorious crime syndicate, and your mob boss has a job for you to prove your worth: rob a bank. You only have 60 minutes to acquire as much cash as possible from the vault before the cops arrive! Can you escape? More importantly, how much loot can you get first?

Outbreak: Find the Cure

An educational tour of the CDC goes awry when a deadly experimental virus is accidentally released into the ventilation system. It’s up to you to discover the cure and escape the lab before your whole team is infected!

Lost in Time

Your eccentric scientist grandfather has invited you over to unveil his latest invention, a garage he’s turned into an actual working time machine! Unfortunately, someone accidentally hit the start button, sending you adrift through time and space. It’s up to you and your friends to travel through the past and future to get back to the present day before the machine runs out of power, trapping you in another time forever.

How Escape Rooms Work

These escape games will be your new favorite activity if you enjoy problem-solving and working under pressure. The diverse games range from a bank heist to a deadly viral outbreak and from a mysterious kidnapping of your Uncle to a group of superheroes trying to save a city.

So how exactly do escape games work? You are given a mission and placed into a themed room where you must explore to find hints and clues. You may find a container that needs a passcode to open or a lock that requires a key. If you search hard enough, you can figure out passcodes, open all the locks, find hidden items, and ultimately free yourself.

Tips For Escaping

Wear comfy clothing. You may be crawling on the floor, and there may be a lot of standing, sitting, and searching for items on the ground.

Communicate with teammates. You have to tell your group members if you’ve solved a puzzle or need help with something. But most importantly, tell them if you solved a clue. If you have an object that won’t open until you put in the correct code and someone else found a clue with the code you need, you won’t put everything together unless you’re communicating. It works well to assign a leader of some kind who will keep track of what’s going on when you’re escaping.

Hours Of Operations

  • Sunday – Thursday: 10:00AM – 10:00PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 10:00AM – Midnight

Staying Healthy

Rooms and frequently touched surfaces are sanitized after each game. Hand Sanitizer is also provided for guests to use before and after the game.

Private Groups

For safety purposes, ALL escape game adventures are private at the moment. So, you will only be playing with the people you come with.

Address & Contact Information

Mastermind Escape Games Atlanta
5825 Glenridge Dr Building 4 Suite #200,
Atlanta, GA 30328

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