Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons

Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons

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Purchase your tickets through our partner, Musement. Six tours to choose from:
Click Here for the >>>> Roman and Anglo-Saxon Tyneside tour
Click Here for the >>>> Tour of prehistoric North East England
Click Here for the >>>> Prince Bishops of Durham tour
Click Here for the >>>> Anglo-Scottish battlefield tour
Click Here for the >>>> Full Day Hadrian’s Wall tour
Click Here for the >>>> Durham City half-day tour
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About Iles Tours Newcastle

As the regional capital of the North East of England, there are many amazing things to see on Iles Tours Newcastle day tours. Among the city’s famous landmarks are Newcastle Castle and the impressive Quayside, and they have a variety of interesting perspectives on the city’s history, from Newcastle’s Roman past to our tour of Newcastle’s ghosts and crime history. There is simply too much history and too many important sights to see everything in one day, so take a look at the range of Newcastle tours below and find the tours that appeal most to you.

Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons
Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons
Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons
Iles Tours Newcastle Coupons

More Information on Iles Tours Newcastle

Iles Tours is a UK tour company that brings amazing places to life with unforgettable walking tours. At least, that’s the short version. Six tours to choose from:

Roman and Anglo-Saxon Tyneside tour

South Shields and Jarrow are vibrant towns in the North East of England that boast fascinating history all the way from before the Romans. Discover the story of the Roman Fort of Arbeia, the supply base for Hadrian’s Wall, and the Anglo-Saxon story of the North East through Jarrow Hall. Visit Arbeia to see the stories of both soldiers and civilians with dedications to Middle Eastern traders, slaves, and native Britons living together at this frontier.

At Jarrow Hall, the story of Germanic Anglo-Saxons is told through the museum dedicated to the Venerable Bede. Both sites offer fantastic reconstructions of buildings from their periods as Roman gatehouses, barrack blocks, and commanding officers’ houses. You will really feel like you’re living it firsthand!

Tour of prehistoric North East England

Travel back in time to prehistoric Northumberland on a guided tour of North East England. So much of human history is unrecorded; piece it together with the archaeology findings and interactions of ancient peoples. Take a journey around Northumberland to see the sites where ancient humans lived, from houses built at the end of the last Ice Age on the coast at Howick through to neolithic rock art panels at Lordenshaws and bronze age burial mounds above them at Simonside and finally iron age hillforts in the Ingram valley!

This tour is a fantastic way to discover a world that was never written about but has been mapped together to help us understand the human story of our world.

Prince Bishops of Durham tour

Join a full-day guided tour exploring the history of the Prince Bishops of Durham. Learn about the incredibly powerful lords who were religious leaders in the North of England during the Middle Ages. The bishops wielded the power of both secular lords and medieval bishops – being able to rival monarchs at points in their power. It’s often joked during the Middle Ages that there were two kings in England – one sat in London wearing a crown, while the other sat in Durham wearing a miter.

During this Iles Tours Newcastle tour, you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Durham Cathedral. From there, you’ll have lunch before proceeding to Auckland Castle – now famous for the internationally acclaimed Auckland Project. Here, you will travel inside the Auckland Castle and the Faith Museum, which tells the story of Christianity in the British Isles.

Anglo-Scottish battlefield tour

England and Scotland have a bloody history of warfare, conflict, and battles! Join this Anglo-Scottish battlefield tour to learn about the warfare that dates back to the early medieval period. Visit the famous locations where the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Northumbria, the Scots, and the Picts dueled it out to see who would rule in Northern Britain. Following the Norman conquest, the thrones of England and Scotland continued to battle to decide where the border would finally be set.

Explore the English and Scottish borders, traveling to Carham, an Anglo-Saxon battle site where the border moved from Lothian to the river Tweed. Afterward, you’ll move on to Norham Castle, one of the most fought-over castles in the region. Then head to the former fortress city of Berwick, where you will stop for lunch. Hear about the incredibly bloody and contested history in Berwick, and see its impressive walls. Finally, finish your tour at the Flodden Battlefield – one of the greatest victories that the English had over the Scots and the largest battle between the two nations.

Full Day Hadrian’s Wall tour

You’ll kick off your day at Steel Rig, where you’ll walk the two-and-a-half miles to the Roman fort of Housesteads. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to see the wall, discover its milecastles and admire your wild surroundings. Housesteads itself is the most complete Roman fort in Britain and gives a fantastic insight into Roman life on Hadrian’s Wall, so get ready to hear all about its history. Then, you’ll stop for lunch at the Twice Brewed Inn before heading off to Vindolanda, which was a Roman supply base that has been extensively excavated. This tour is perfect for history lovers and those who wish to discover more about the Romans and explore the stunning countryside.

Durham City half-day tour

Take the chance to see one of the most famous cities in the North of England, Durham, on this half-day tour. You’ll be given an in-depth introduction to the city and learn how it has grown around the shrine of St. Cuthbert. You’ll look around the Grand Romanesque Cathedral and see why its described as the greatest Cathedral in England as your guide tells you all about its history and architecture.

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