Castle of Chaos Branson Coupons

Castle of Chaos Branson

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About Castle of Chaos Branson

Castle of Chaos Branson is a thrilling experience that combines a 3D film, motion, and an interactive shooting game. Feel the excitement of a whole new reality! Just grab your 3D glasses, pick up your gun, and choose from two thrilling adventures where you’ll shoot for the highest score. What adventure will you choose?

Castle of Chaos Branson Coupons
Castle of Chaos Branson Coupons
Castle of Chaos Branson Coupons
Castle of Chaos Branson Coupons

More Information on Castle of Chaos Branson

Buckle up and grab your 3D goggles for a non-stop, shoot-em-up ride that’s fun for all ages. Castle of Chaos in Branson, MO brings you into a wild continuous 5D adventure where you’re seated but you feel like you’re moving through a whole new reality. Armed with your laser blaster, you’ll compete for the highest score. You’re surrounded at every turn by howls, screeches, crashes, rushing water, and so much more that makes you feel like you’re really inside the game. Winners are shown on the screen at the end of every ride. This delightfully intense experience – with up to 400 movements per second – will leave you shaking with excitement and ready for more!

Two Awesome Adventures

With your individual attraction ticket or All-Access Pass, you’ll have your choice between two amazing adventures. Both action-packed shows give you the chance to experience totally different escapades. You’ll feel like you’re really there, engaged in a thrilling quest. Then watch your scores pop up at the end of the ride – always great fun for bragging rights! (Wink… Nudge…): Ask your Staff Guide for a hint to help you super boost your score!

Replay! Yes!

What’s better than doing Castle of Chaos once? Doing it again and again! With your same-day receipt, replays are available for just $5 (at the box office only). It’s a great way to try for the highest score or experience the second show. Each action-packed adventure in Castle of Chaos is sure to excite and will be among the highlights of your visit to Branson, Missouri attractions.

Address & Contact Information

Castle of Chaos
3030 West 76 Country Blvd. Unit B
Branson, MO 65616

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