Promised Land Zoo Coupons

Promised Land Zoo Coupons

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Save $12.00 for Zoo Admission for Two; Drive Thru, Petting Zoo, Foot Safari & More
Save $25.00 for Zoo Admission for Four; Drive Thru, Petting Zoo, Foot Safari & More
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About Promised Land Zoo

Branson’s Top Rated Animal Attraction was recently ranked as one of the top 25 zoos in the US by Trip Advisor in 2015. Branson’s Promised Land Zoo will give you and your entire group an experience you won’t forget! Home to hundreds of rare and endangered animals from around the world, come out and see all that we have to offer in our Foot Safari, interactive Live Animal Shows, Parakeet Paradise, Bottle Feedings, and more. We also have a petting zoo area where you can feed lots of animals too.

Promised Land Zoo Coupons
Promised Land Zoo Coupons
Promised Land Zoo Coupons
Promised Land Zoo Coupons

More Information on Promised Land Zoo

New for 2017, Branson’s Promised Land Zoo will undergo a major transformation taking our small but mighty facility of just 9 acres to an enormous fully interactive park of nearly 70 acres, all right in the heart of Branson! General Admission will always include the Live Animal Show in our new 200-seat indoor theatre, the Foot Safari that takes you through many exhibits from around the world, Parakeet Paradise with complimentary feed stick to feed the birds, and our new Drive-Thru where you can take your own vehicle around the park and see many animals large and small.

VIP Admission is welcome to enjoy everything in General Admission as well as the VIP Encounter where our educational staff brings out several more animals for you to hold and take photos with, as well as our VIP Tram Experience — a fully interactive tram tour through many of the animal habitats where you can learn about and interact with many of the zoo residents.

VIP Adventure

Our Branson VIP Animal Adventure includes a VIP Small Animal Encounter with several animals, the VIP Guided Wild Walk around the Foot Safari, and the VIP Tram Tour where you enter several enclosures on a climate-controlled bus to learn about, view, and feed animals.

Branson Ultimate Excursion

This Branson excursion includes several aspects of our park, some of which you will tour on your own (Foot Safari, Animal Adventure Building, Parakeet Paradise, Petting Zoo) and some of which will be a guided experience that is scheduled for you like your Ultimate Tour with Giraffe Feeding, Sloth Encounter, and VIP Encounter. Our staff is more than happy to help you every step along the way!

VIP+ Animal Adventure

The VIP+ admission guests will enjoy an Exclusive Encounter IN THE HABITAT of one of our most unique animals like lemurs, sloths, or owls. Get ready to play with, touch, feed, and engage some of our cutest zoo animals, including sloths, lemurs, kittens, owls, and more, as available! Promised Land Zoo is a rare and unique experience you will not want to miss!

Address & Contact Information

Promised Land Zoo
2751 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Branson, MO 65616

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