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About Xtreme Racing Center

The fastest karts in Branson — world-class Sodi high-speed racing karts! Get your race on only at Xtreme Racing Center! There are three different types of racing carts available at Xtreme Racing Center. It does take some skill to drive these carts on the 3,500-foot winding track. Therefore, you do have to qualify to drive them. The qualification process involves driving the GT5, showing drivability and good lap time. Racing chips in the carts keep track of lap time and are kept on the racer’s driving profile. All drivers must qualify in the GT5 kart before racing the X-Treme Kart.

Xtreme Racing Center Coupons
Xtreme Racing Center Coupons
Xtreme Racing Center Coupons
Xtreme Racing Center Coupons

More Information on Xtreme Racing Center

Welcome to Xtreme Track’s 3,500 foot state-of-the-art concrete raceway… the longest high speed racing kart track in North America! Drivers must be 11 years old and 52″ tall to drive the adult karts (Pro or X-Treme). Their lap timing system is one of the most sophisticated timing systems on the market. It tracks your kart from the moment it leaves the starting lane until the moment you hit the finish line, and is accurate up to .001 (one thousandth) of a second.

They time each of your individual laps and award first place to whoever had the overall fastest lap time, so it doesn’t make a difference where you start in the race! In addition to our main track, we also have a junior track for excited young racers to test their skills! To qualify to drive our junior karts, kids must be 7 years old and at least 48″.

Safety Notes

For the safety of all racers, the Pit Crew members have sole discretion in determining all racers’ ability to reach the pedals and steering wheel. Closed-toed shoes are required to race in our karts, and balaclavas (head socks) must be worn inside our helmets. Helmets are provided, or you may bring your own, subject to a safety pre-inspection from our Pit Crew Members.

Go-Karts Highlights

  • Honda GX 270cc
  • Precision Handling
  • Height Adjustable
  • LED Front light
  • Xtreme Racing Center is engineered for Safety

Address & Contact Information

Xtreme Racing Center of Branson
3600 76 Country Blvd,
Branson, MO 65616

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