Shedd Aquarium Coupons

Shedd Aquarium Coupons

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Shedd Aquarium is featured on the Chicago CityPASS. Travelin’ Coupons donates 10% of its proceeds to the Student Youth Travel Foundation. It may not be much, but every little bit helps. We appreciate and thank you for using our Shedd Aquarium Coupons!

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About Shedd Aquarium

From angelfish to zebra sharks, meet 32,000 animals from aquatic habitats around the world at Chicago’s “must-sea” destination! See penguins fly through chilly waters, dolphins leap high in the air, monkeys scamper through rainforest trees, and stingrays swim below your feet. Touch prehistoric fish from the Great Lakes and sea stars from polar oceans. And be prepared for beauty that surprises, mesmerizes, inspires, and moves you! VIP entry, all permanent exhibits, animal presentations, special exhibit, and Stingray Touch (May-Oct), plus a 4-D Experience (special exhibit subject to change; 4-D Experience and animal presentation subject to availability).

Shedd Aquarium Coupons
Shedd Aquarium Coupons
Shedd Aquarium Coupons
Shedd Aquarium Coupons

More Information on Shedd Aquarium

Travel the world in 80 habitats and see some of the world’s most fascinating animals in Waters of the World. Learn about the yearly flood cycle of the mighty Amazon and see piranhas, tarantulas, stingrays, monkeys, and an anaconda in Amazon Rising. Splash into a coral reef in the Philippines and get a diver’s-eye view of a diverse marine metropolis in the award-winning Wild Reef, home to more sharks, stingrays, and live coral than any other exhibit at Shedd. Immerse yourself in the vibrant coastal ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest and encounter beluga whales, Pacific white-sided dolphins, sea lions, and sea otters in the Abbot Oceanarium. Watch your kids as they try out life as a sleek sliding penguin or a deep-sea submarine explorer in the Polar Play Zone.

Caribbean Reef

Coral reefs are among the Earth’s most vibrant ecosystems. From the tiniest fishes darting among coral branches to sleek sharks cruising sunny waters, this community of predators and prey survives in a complex, and fragile, balance.

Polar Play Zone

In Polar Play Zone, little ones can slip into a penguin suit and try being a bird in the Icy South play area. From there, head to the Icy North to explore Arctic waters in a kid-sized submarine. You’ll learn about polar opposites — big and small, fast and slow, shallow and deep, even north and south — while you play.

Stingray Touch

Connect with animals in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on experience. Stingray Touch gives you the unique chance to get even closer to animals and nature, by feeling the tropical water and the back of a stingray. These fascinating fish glide around the habitat, flapping against each other and your fingers.

Address & Contact Information

Shedd Aquarium
1200 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605

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