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Auld Reekie Tours Coupons

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Purchase your tickets through our partner, Musement. Four tours to choose from:
Click Here for the >>>> The Edinburgh Vaults and graveyard tour
Click Here for the >>>> The Edinburgh Haunted Vaults tour
Click Here for the >>>> The Edinburgh Vaults tour
Click Here for the >>>> The Edinburgh Terror Tour
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About Auld Reekie Tours

Auld Reekie Tours is unique in offering tours through Edinburgh’s most extensive set of vaults. Apart from lighting and handrails for safety, their vaults have remained unchanged since the 1700s. And they’re the only ghost and history tour company in Edinburgh with genuine links to witchcraft. They provide tours to visitors seeking a dramatic and truly memorable experience.

Auld Reekie Tours Coupons
Auld Reekie Tours Coupons
Auld Reekie Tours Coupons
Auld Reekie Tours Coupons

More Information on Auld Reekie Tours

Auld Reekie Tours started in 1995. Since then, we have been offering a wide range of underground and graveyard tours to visitors from around the world. If you’re planning on visiting Edinburgh, why not come on one of our tours.

The Edinburgh Vaults and graveyard tour

The city of Edinburgh may be beautiful and quaint, but there’s a far more sinister side that doesn’t immediately meet the eye. You’ll discover Greyfriars Graveyard, whose canine inhabitant, Bobby, watches over the infamous bodies buried within. You’ll hear the stories of some of the corpses beneath your feet, from their history to the myths and legends inspired by their fascinating lives. The Old Town Vaults have an especially dark past, having been home to criminals, brothels, and witches, and are alive with tales to tell and are said to have plenty of spirits who still haunt the place.

The Edinburgh Haunted Vaults tour

Edinburgh is a city steeped in history; it’s beautiful, quaint, and traditional. But under this facade, deep in its belly, Edinburgh holds dark secrets, ones which will be revealed on this underground tour of the Vaults. You’ll go into Edinburgh’s underworld, seeing the series of vaults under the South Bridge, which date back to the 1700s. Having been home to notorious criminals as well as the poorest within society, plenty of people died in the Vaults, so it’s no wonder that they are said to be rife with paranormal activity. 

The Edinburgh Vaults tour

Underneath Edinburgh’s old town lurks a murky underworld of grim history, shady characters, and unimaginable mystery. It’s not enough just to read about it in some history book. The only way to find out what’s really going on in the Vaults is to visit them yourself. You’ll journey deep underground, exploring the former slums where the less fortunate in society used to live, hearing tales of criminals, body snatchers, and witches who would have ruled these parts. Each Vault you visit has its own tale to tell, so be sure to keep your wits about you as your guide tells you of gruesome goings-on and even takes you to a witches’ temple.

The Edinburgh Terror Tour

This tour allows you to see the dark side of Edinburgh, off the beaten track, and with good reason! You’ll be witnessing some dark and gruesome torture equipment from Nuremberg and Bamberg Castles in Germany, dating back to the late 1500s and the early 1600s. These torture tools may not be the scariest thing you’ll see on this tour. Your guide will lead you around what is said to be the most haunted and paranormal active site in Scotland, telling you about the history of the vaults, what they were used for, and what lay within.

Additional Information

  • Good news! No extra fees are applied to this booking of Auld Reekie Tours.
  • Receive a 100% refund if you cancel up to 1 day before the experience begins.

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