The Health Museum Coupons

The Health Museum Coupons

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About The Health Museum

In the heart of Houston, The Health Museum inspires passion and curiosity in health, the medical sciences, and the human body. With over 2.5 million visitors, we are the most interactive and popular science learning center of its kind and a favorite among Houstonians. The Health Museum is committed to excellence in innovative and interactive health and science educational experiences such as a larger-than-life journey through the human body, new and exciting traveling exhibits, real organ dissections, and many more.

The Health Museum Coupons
The Health Museum Coupons
The Health Museum Coupons
The Health Museum Coupons

More Information on The Health Museum

In addition to our permanent exhibits, the Amazing Body Gallery, and the world-class DeBakey Cell Lab, other attractions include the McGovern Theater, the Sue Trammell Whitfield Gallery for traveling exhibitions, and four Learning Centers for classes, camps, and activities. The museum offers affordable membership rates for individuals and families. Visitors enjoy shopping for unique gifts at the museum’s Amazing Body Store.


BRACE FOR OUTBREAK! Our planet is connected more than ever before: by global travel, trade, technology, and even our viruses. Join us in learning how people fight epidemics – even before they start. You’ll explore the connections between human, animal, and environmental health and dive into case studies and personal experiences from epidemic fighters. Discover how outbreaks have affected the Greater Houston Area and identify an outbreak.

Amazing Body Gallery: It includes approximately 30 interactive video and audio kiosks that invite guests to pose interesting questions about human anatomy and health information. It also features a 22-foot-long backbone with ribs descending from the ceiling to the floor, creating the feeling of being inside a giant rib cage. Take a journey through the heart in a new way with our heart wall. Four connected screens give you the functions of the heart, and their importance, as you learn about one of the more complex organs in the body.

DeBakey Cell Lab: You don’t need to be a scientist to enter, but you’ll feel like one when you leave! Gear up with a lab coat, gloves, and goggles and travel through experiment stations to get personal with cellular biology. The interactive bilingual lab experience makes biology-based science experiments accessible to the public.

Living Icons and The Tree of Life: Living Icons is a photo exhibit that features hundreds of Houston-area COVID-19 victims. Created by artist Joni Zavitsanos, the art installation memorializes those who have died due to the pandemic and gives us a glimpse of the human impact of this health crisis.

Primordial Shift: It is an installation dealing with the implications of genetic modification of corn. In the 20th Century, a paradigm shift occurred in genetics when scientists discovered how to unravel genetic code, DNA, DNA, and the commodification of GMOs and the positive and negative implications for consumers.

Address & Contact Information

The Health Museum
1515 Hermann Dr.
Houston, Texas 77004

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