City Unscripted London Coupons

City Unscripted London Coupons

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Purchase your tickets through our partner, Musement. Three tours to choose from:
Click Here for the >>>> Brixton Private Tour with a local guide. 100% Personalised, See the City Unscripted
Click Here for the >>>> London literature experience in Bloomsbury
Click Here for the >>>> South Kensington and Chelsea experience
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About City Unscripted London

Some people live in a city; some people live in the city. They are curious about where they live and never want to stop exploring and discovering the hidden gems that – to the uncurious mind – remain hidden. City Unscripted believes you should see the city with these people, and so we connect curious travelers with equally curious hosts. We exist to give travelers truly personal connections to cities, offering an alternative to the old, predictable world of tour guides.

City Unscripted London Coupons
City Unscripted London Coupons
City Unscripted London Coupons
City Unscripted London Coupons

More Information on City Unscripted London

With a network of 1400+ hosts in 40 cities across the world, City Unscripted personally matches each guest to the right host, who creates an experience personalized just for them. This way, no two experiences are the same. The hosts are here to be the guests’ open-minded, passionate, and knowledgeable friends who can’t wait to show off their homes.

Brixton Private Tour with a local guide. 100% Personalised, See the City Unscripted

Discover the multicultural neighborhood of Brixton, where there is never a dull moment. You’ll follow your local London host through the colorful city streets, where culture, cuisine, and creativity fuse together to paint the neighborhood in diverse tones. Amble through the mural-painted streets and alleyways and discover the eclectic food scene, vibrant street art, community projects, and spirited atmosphere of the real Brixton. The warm and vibrant energy of the area is hard to beat, and you will feel its pulse as your local London host shows you the community’s most inspiring spots.

You’ll visit Brixton Village Market, where you’ll find everything from handmade leather bags to woven trinkets and an eclectic mix of food and Pop Brixton, the coolest community project and market in town. For something a little different, your local London host can show you Brixton’s provocative street art that tells authentic stories and strong political messages. You can wander the streets of Brixton for hours and never get bored, especially if you stop for a rum punch, and with your host by your side, you’ll feel like you’re seeing the city with an old friend.

London literature experience in Bloomsbury

Discover a world of literature and the arts as you follow your local London host, a bookworm like yourself, through Bloomsbury, counting the blue plaques that chronicle London’s literary past. Heads up; there are a lot! Discover the spots immortalized in classic tales, follow in the footsteps of your favorite characters, and be transported back to a time when some of the most influential writers roamed these streets. You’ll visit the hidden haunts of writers past and browse quirky bookshops that only fellow literature lovers will have heard of, such as Persephone Books, where they lovingly republish out-of-print works by female writers in beautifully designed sleeves.

See the very places where Shakespeare drank and dined with friends and where great minds such as Wilde and Woolf gained inspiration for their works and drank gin together! Stop by Dickens’ old house, which is now a museum, browse magical bookshops like Persephone, which lovingly republishes out-of-print novels by female authors, or simply enjoy a pint (or that gin we mentioned earlier) in the pub where Shakespeare used to drink.

South Kensington and Chelsea experience

Discover South Kensington and the neighboring area of Chelsea with City Unscripted London’s friendly local host. You’ll meet your host in the charming area of Chelsea, known for its expensive boutiques and quintessentially British stores. Your host will introduce you to 20th-century British fashion and pop culture as you stroll along the stylish King’s Road, known for its upmarket shops and trend-setting culture. Explore one of the area’s many independent boutiques and experience the greatest luxuries that London has to offer.

Once in South Kensington, London’s museum quarter, you’ll continue your journey along Exhibitions Road, where you’ll find several major museums and academic establishments. Now would be about the right time to put on that Indiana Jones hat as you follow your host to the Natural History Museum and spend time discovering different aspects of our natural world. You’ll end your journey in Knightsbridge, where you’ll discover timeless architecture as well as some of the best shopping in the city. Knightsbridge offers a mix of well-known high-street brands, flagship designer stores, luxury boutiques, and iconic department stores.

Brixton Private Tour with a local guide

  • Explore the multicultural local neighborhood of Brixton with a true Londoner
  • Discover unique street art and murals and hear the stories behind them
  • Immerse yourself in the community spirit of this neighborhood

London literature experience in Bloomsbury

  • Walk around Bloomsbury among the footsteps of great literary minds
  • Visit the impressive British Library and see literary history come to life
  • Explore literary museums and have a drink at The George Inn

South Kensington and Chelsea experience

  • Explore the charming area of Chelsea with its expensive boutiques and quintessentially British
  • Discover 20th-century British fashion and pop culture and visit the Natural History Museum
  • Visit timeless architecture and enjoy world-class shopping at Harrods

Address & Contact Information

City Unscripted London
64 Nile St, London N1 7SR, United Kingdom