Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons

Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons

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About Everglades Alligator Farm

Come face-to-face with some of South Florida’s deadliest creatures on this thrilling Everglades tour at the Everglades Alligator Farm. There are over 2,000 alligators at the Everglades Alligator Farm to see before hopping on an airboat and cruising across the waters in search of more unique species.

Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons
Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons
Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons
Everglades Alligator Farm Coupons

More Information on Everglades Alligator Farm

The Everglades National Park is home to exotic snakes, crocodiles, turtles, and native birds, and you’ll get the chance to see them all on your guided tour of the area. Whizz across the shallow waters enjoying views of the marshlands and rivers of grass. Your guide will provide the commentary as you go and point out all the creatures along the way. At the Alligator Farm, you’ll also get entry to the shows, talks, and feedings which include a snake show and a thrilling alligator show.

Everglades Alligator Farm and Airboat Ride highlights

  • Snake show – get over your fear of snakes by learning about the slippery species and even holding one if you dare. You’ll discover how to spot a snake in the Everglades and which ones are the most dangerous.
  • Alligator show – see how the expert handlers interact with the creatures, learn about their care, and meet a baby crocodile.
  • Alligator feeding – watch alligators chomp down their lunch at this unique viewing. Learn how they catch their prey in the wild and all about their eating habits.

Address & Contact Information

Everglades Alligator Farm
40351 SW 192nd Ave
Homestead, FL 33034

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