Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons

Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons

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About Big Machine Vodka Tour

Tour the Big Machine Vodka Urban Distillery, enjoying four samples along the way. Finish the tour with a mini cocktail! Discover the history of Big Machine Distillery and how our ultra premium spirits are crafted by hand. See where we formulate new recipes and develop new products with love and care.

Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons
Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons
Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons
Big Machine Vodka Tour Coupons

More Information on Big Machine Vodka Tour

When music mogul Scott Borchetta acquired a distillery in 2015 and joined forces with the founder and Chief Distiller Clayton Cutler, the perfect match was made. With Clayton’s passion for distilling fine spirits and Scott’s track record of entrepreneurial success, Big Machine Distillery is on the road to create a legacy of the finest craft spirits.

Scott’s ability to spot rising talents such as FGL, Thomas Rhett, and Brantley Gilbert and to attract veteran artists like Lady Antebellum, Reba McEntire, and Sheryl Crow are what have made BMLG the world’s Number 1 independent record label (Billboard Magazine).

Building on Big Machine Distillery’s stable of award-winning spirits, including the Clayton James Tennessee Whiskey, Scott’s first order of business was to disrupt the world of vodka with Big Machine Platinum Filtered Premium Vodka, which is 25-times distilled and Platinum Filtered, to make it The Smoothest Tasting Vodka, Period! While many vodkas boast of 5-to-6 times distilled, distilling 25 times removes many more of the impurities which remain in most spirits.

The result is a spirit that provides a clean and pure drinking experience with a cleaner feeling in your body “the morning after.” Can you say “no hangover?” Adding to the 25 times distillation is our proprietary Platinum Filtration system – the only system of its kind in the world. Trickling the vodka through rare precious Platinum beads creates a smoothness found nowhere else!

But vodka is just one of the award-winning spirits we produce at Big Machine Distillery. We also produce a true craft Tennessee Whiskey, a New American Style gin, moonshine and single batch bourbons. It is now Scott’s desire, working with his brother Mark Borchetta to have Big Machine Distillery follow in the footsteps of the record label by becoming one of the world’s leading spirits producers.

Address & Contact Information

Big Machine Vodka
122 3rd Ave S
Nashville, TN

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