Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons

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About Deno’s Wonder Wheel

Head to Coney Island and take a ride on Deno’s Wonder Wheel. Take a spin on a New York City landmark – Deno’s Wonder Wheel at Coney Island, and join the 40 million people who have enjoyed this iconic ride since it was built in 1920.

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons
Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons
Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons
Deno’s Wonder Wheel Coupons

More Information on Deno’s Wonder Wheel

Deno’s Wonder Wheel is an adventure and a little piece of NYC nostalgia at the same time. At the top, you’ll be 150 feet above ground where you can marvel at the amazing views of Coney Island Beach on one side and the Manhattan skyline on the other side. One of the unique features of Deno’s Wonder Wheel is the swinging and stationary cars. Choose the red and blue cars to swing along the inner wheel or opt for white for a more serene ride on the outer edge of the wheel.

Deno’s Wonder Wheel at Coney Island  Highlights

  • Enjoy admission to Deno’s Wonder Wheel at Coney Island.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of Coney Island and Manhattan.
  • Choose between a swinging car or a gentle ride.

Wonder Wheel facts

  • The Wonder Wheel has a romantic past. In 1948, Denos Vourderis told his future wife, Lula, that if she married him, he would buy her the Ferris wheel. It took him decades of working his way up from a hot dog vendor, but eventually, in 1983, he fulfilled his promise.
  • Hollywood heartthrob Cary Grant cut his acting chops at the park as an entertainer, complete with 6ft high stilts.

Address & Contact Information

Deno’s Wonder Wheel
3059 W 12th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11224

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