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Escape Virtuality Promo Code

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About Escape Virtuality

Break the bonds of reality with a VR experience for you and your friends. Delve into a whole new virtual world at Escape Virtuality, New York’s most exciting VR experience, as you put your skills to the test. Your pass includes four virtual reality experiences, putting you behind the wheel, in the jungle, or walking the plank with a choice of realistic games. Choose four experiences of exhilarating virtual reality.

Escape Virtuality Promo Code
Escape Virtuality Promo Code
Escape Virtuality Promo Code
Escape Virtuality Promo Code

More Information on Escape Virtuality

Escape Virtuality-enhanced VR platforms will put you behind the wheel, on the ledge, and in the jungle of the most realistic VR games. While their Immersive Escape Rooms will challenge your capability to think under pressure when the subway train is about to crash, the ghosts are about to escape, or the galaxy is on the verge of destruction!

Choose four from the following experiences

Xtrematic (up to 2 players)

Race down a ski slope or escape from monsters – you have over 30 games and films to experience on this innovative VR machine. Feel every single jump, dip, and drop on this fast-paced rig. Play alone or as a pair and challenge yourself to the exciting games.

Rock climbing wall (up to 2 players)

Put your rock climbing skills to the test on this virtual reality climbing wall. There are hundreds of paths to choose from, giving you a unique experience every time you climb. 

Racing simulator (up to 2 players)

Hop into the driver’s seat and take to the road with this ultra-realistic racing experience. Take your pick from racing games and rollercoaster adventures, and feel bumps, rumbles, and even G-force acceleration as you ride.

Sky Diving (up to 2 players)

Skydiving Simulator VR is a free-range parachuting experience at Escape Virtuality

Address & Contact Information

Escape Virtuality
130 W 29th Street,
New York, NY 10001

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