Staten island Museum Coupons

Staten island Museum Coupons

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About Staten island Museum

Explore the Staten Island Museum, New York’s only general interest museum, with extensive art, history, and natural science collections. The museum’s focus is on the biodiversity, history, and art of Staten Island, New York City and the surrounding region, with an impressive collection that tracks the island’s natural and cultural history across the centuries.

Staten island Museum Coupons
Staten island Museum Coupons
Staten island Museum Coupons
Staten island Museum Coupons

More Information on Staten island Museum

Collections include a near-perfect example of a mummified cat that holds near-mythical status among locals, a massive collection of cicadas, taxidermy birdlife preserved in bell jars, artworks by John Sloan and Andy Warhol, and historical documents bearing the authentic wax seals of 17th-century English kings Charles II and William III.

Staten Island Museum highlights

Natural Science collections 

The Natural Science collections provide a fascinating and invaluable record of the animal and plant species that have existed on Staten Island and show how biodiversity has changed over time in the New York Metropolitan area. View hundreds of thousands of mounted insects, see preserved fish, reptiles, and amphibians, and check out the incredible collection of Victorian bell jar taxidermy. You’ll also get a chance to meet the famous mummified cat, discovered by museum founder Charles Leng in the 1930s.

History collections

Discover artifacts and documents relating to the people, tribes, and organizations that have shaped Staten Island. Exhibits include early films, maps, and atlases of the area and historic photographs of New York. Some documents, including land grants bearing the wax seals of Charles II and William III and a military document signed by William Howe, Commander in Chief of the British Armies, date back as far as the 17th and 18th centuries.

Art collections

The art collection covers periods from prehistory to the present day. As well as traditional art from around the world – Ancient Egyptian sculpture, Italian Renaissance paintings, traditional Japanese prints, ornate Chinese snuff bottles – the museum boasts an extensive collection of local art and Native American artifacts. The many fine American paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries feature portraits of local people and scenes of Staten Island and New York Harbor, while the modern art collection includes works by Andy Warhol, John Sloan, Clementine Hunter, Isabel Bishop, and more.

Visit the Staten Island Museum

  • See artworks by Andy Warhol, Isabel Bishop, John Sloan and more, including many local Staten Island artists.
  • There are over half a million specimens in each of the natural science and local history collections.
  • Rotating exhibitions celebrate memorable moments and people from Staten Island’s history and explore the importance of biodiversity and more.

Address & Contact Information

Staten island Museum
1000 Richmond Terrace,
Staten Island, NY 10301

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