Top 10 Things to Do In Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most visited cities in the world because of the city’s plentiful tourist attractions and major events. After all, Walt Disney World and Orlando Studios are a train ride away from the center of Orlando. With so many options available in Orlando, you may be overwhelmed while deciding what to visit. If you are planning a visit to the city, check out the following top 10 Things to Do In Orlando! 

1. Paddling in Florida with Manatees

Top 10 Things to Do In Orlando

Florida is home to wildlife unlike anywhere else in the country. While in Orlando, be sure to participate in Paddling in Florida with Manatees! The experience is just how it sounds; guests explore boat paddling in waters near Manatees. 

2. SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium houses over 5000 sea animals featuring sharks, sea turtles, seahorses, and jellyfish! This aquarium is one of the top Orlando Attractions for kids and adults alike. 

3. Florida Everglades Airboat Tour and Wild Florida 

Top 10 Things to Do In Orlando

The Florida Everglades Airboat Tour and Wild Florida covers 4200 acres of Wild Florida Airboats and Wildlife Park. Guests get to observe over 200 different animals such as lemurs, zebras, and bobcats while on an airboat! 

4. Hop On Hop Off Orlando 

Hop On Hop Off Orlando provides one of the most entertaining and immersive Orlando Tours in the city! The tour takes visitors on a bus and allows them to sightsee on and off the bus! 

5. Chocolate Kingdom Factory Tour 

Who doesn’t love chocolate? On the Chocolate Kingdom Factory Tour, a guide takes guests through the creation of chocolate, from cocoa beans to chocolate bars. At the end of the tour, guests can create a customized chocolate bar! 

6. Pirate’s Dinner Adventure 

Top 10 Things to Do In Orlando

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is a classic example of dinner and a show in Orlando, Florida. The show takes place on a giant lagoon ship! 

7. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) National Campus 

The United States Tennis Association National Campus allows guests to explore top-notch facilities and tennis courts! 

8. March of The Ducks 

The March of The Ducks is a unique, silly sight set up by Peabody Hotel Orlando. At 11 am, 5 ducks descend from an elevator and march around a lobby while John Philip Sousa’s “King Cotton March” plays! 

9. Lake Eola Park 

Top 10 Things to Do In Orlando

Lake Eola Park is located right in downtown Orlando. The park was originally an 80-foot sinkhole that the city turned into a lake. While circling the lake, visitors will see flowers, swans, and beautiful views. 

10. Cornell Fine Arts Museum 

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is located on the campus of Rollins College. Thousands of artwork are available to observe at this museum!