Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons

Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons

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About Cades Cove Bus Tour

Turn your phone into a personal tour guide to experience the Smokies. Drive through the scenic Cades Cove, where lush wilderness and rich Civil War history combine to form a destination like no other. Drive on the Cades Cove Loop Road with a phone app that works as a guide, an audio tour, and a map all in one. Navigate with ease through the wooded areas of the Smoky Mountains, visit historic churches, see the Elijah Oliver Cabin, stop by the Cades Cove Grist Mill, and go on the Abram Falls trail.

Start by downloading the Action Tour Guide app that will function as your personal guide, audio tour, and map all in one.

Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons
Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons
Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons
Cades Cove Bus Tour Coupons

More Information on Cades Cove Bus Tour

Begin the tour just west of Gatlinburg, by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Library. From there, continue west toward the scenic loop. As you drive, hear about the Cherokee who once lived here, and the clashes between them and the first European settlers to arrive. Using your audio guide, get familiar with some of the wildlife that makes the Smoky Mountains so special. Stop at the first major landmark, the John Oliver Place, once home to some of the first homesteaders to make a living here in Cades Cove.

Next, get to the Primitive Baptist Church, one of three churches in the cove dating back to the 1800s. As you visit the next 2—the Methodist Church and the Missionary Baptist Church—learn about the devastating impact of the Civil War on the community, and where these churches stood in the conflict. Then it’s on to the Elijah Oliver Place, a beautifully-preserved homestead offering an authentic look at early pioneer life in the Smokies. After that, you have the option to hike to Abrams Falls, a secluded waterfall. Next up is the John Cable Grist Mill, a still-working mill from the 1800s where you can buy cornmeal ground up on-site. Then, reach Tipton Place, home to not only a Revolutionary War veteran, but a Civil War veteran as well. Finally, arrive at the Carter Shields Cabin, another idyllic homestead from a bygone era. Continue on toward the start of the loop as you hear about the last family to call Cades Cove home. Conclude the drive near the start of the Cades Cove Scenic Loop.


  • Get lost in history, nature, and wildlife on the scenic Cades Cove Loop Road
  • Make the most of your time in the Smoky Mountains with a mobile app guide
  • Visit 3 historic churches in the cove dating all the way back to the 1800s
  • Hike a verdant mountain trail to the sparkling and secluded Abram Falls
  • Find out how the Civil War threatened to tear apart the community of Cades Cove

What To Bring

  • Charged Smartphone
  • Your own vehicle
  • Downloaded app
  • Power bank

What’s Included

  • Self-guided tour taken via Action Tour Guide app
  • Unique password (sent by email) for access
  • Live GPS map on your phone
  • Offline functionality
  • Audio narration
  • Written text explanations
  • Route from stop to stop
  • List of stops along the route

What’s Not Included

  • Entry to paid attractions
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Food or drinks
  • Transportation
  • Parking

Know Before You Go

  • This is a self-guided tour; no guide will accompany you.
  • Please arrange for a vehicle before you take the tour. You only need to book one tour per vehicle, not per person
  • After the booking, you will receive an email with a link to the Action Tour Guide app and a unique password to access the tour within the app
  • This tour has been developed by local guides, curated by creative writers, and narrated by professional voice artists
  • Most stops along the tour have animated videos allowing you to visualize what you cannot see, such as snapshots from different centuries or interior rooms
  • This tour is valid forever, from the moment of booking.

Address & Contact Information

Action Tour Guide
Cades Cove
Self Guided Tour

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