Potters Wax Museum Coupons

Potters Wax Museum Coupons

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About Potters Wax Museum

Situated on Orange Street in St. Augustine, just minutes from the area’s top attractions, Potter’s Wax Museum offers a unique entertainment experience for guests of all ages to enjoy together. The museum—originally established in 1947—features a large assortment of wax figures of famous Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes, political figures, fictional characters, and more.

Potters Wax Museum Coupons
Potters Wax Museum Coupons
Potters Wax Museum Coupons
Potters Wax Museum Coupons

More Information on Potters Wax Museum

America’s first wax museum, Potter’s has been delighting guests since 1949. Potter’s Wax Museum hosts one of the most unique collections of wax figures from celebrities, sports stars, people in the news, and modern-day historic figures. George L. Potter contracted with GEMS of London, a noted wax studio, to create original one-of-a-kind figures for his museum. Artists and craftsmen spent a great deal of time researching the process before creating these incredibly lifelike figures. Each part of the figure is custom-tailored, using real hair, and placed onto the figure a single strand at a time. Even the costumes are designed by one of the greatest in the industry.

Reasons to Visit

As far as attractions go and give all you can see here, Potter’s offers great value. Unlike any attraction of its kind, it is housed inside the oldest pharmacy in the United States. This is the oldest wax museum in the country and there are a wide variety of figures to examine ranging from Roman Centurions to celebrities, athletes, and political leaders. There is even a section devoted to horror movies! There is a good chance that an artist will be on-site to show you the workstation where all the magic happens.


For those who admire superior craftsmanship and photo-realistic art, a stop at Potter’s Wax Museum is not something to be missed. George L. Potter, the museum’s founder, was fascinated by the painstaking accuracy and exquisite detail of the wax figures he encountered when on holiday in London when he was a boy. With this inspiration in his heart, Potter set out to preserve the likenesses of great American leaders and statesmen for posterity and proceeded to procure the very best wax from France, the finest hair from Italy, and the most highly skilled artisans to give shape and form to it all. Belgium was where the first production facility was located and the first run of wax figures found their way to what would become Potter’s Wax Museum back in 1949.

Historic District

Many of St. Augustine’s restaurants, retail, hotels, and attractions are found smack dab in the middle of the Historic District. This part of the city dates back to the 18th century and the layout of its streets remains consistent with how the citizens of the 1700s would have likely encountered them and are as readily walkable as those of a much more modern city. Not simply a hub of commerce, the district’s proximity to the waterfront lends itself to great photo opportunities of the neighboring Matanzas Bay.

Address & Contact Information

Potter’s Wax Museum
31 Orange Street
St. Augustine, FL 32084

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