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    Axe Monkeys Coupons

About Axe Monkeys:

Put a flannel on and do your best to grow a beard, because it’s time to stick it to some fresh pine.

Don’t confuse Axe Monkeys as a lumberjack training site because they also have ninja and assassin training too. Hailing from Canada, Axe Monkeys allows you to throw sharp objects at a wood target. And by “sharp objects” we mean axes, ninja stars, knives and even cards. Yes, cards –it wouldn’t be a Vegas attraction without a little Sin City flare.

More on Axe Monkeys:

Round up the squad and get your own lane for one or two hours. Think bowling but with axes. Totes the same thing, right?
Its cool to just throw axes at the targets, but if you’re up for a challenge (and we know you are) you can play games like cricket. And once you nail your first bullseye, yell “onnea” (which means congratulations in Finnish) and ring the bell with pride – it’s an Axe Monkeys tradition.
How’s the beard coming along? Once you have that you’re on to becoming a real lumberjack.

Axe Monkeys Coupons

Address & Contact Information:

Axe Monkeys
3525 E Post Rd #110
Las Vegas, NV 89120