K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons

K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons

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About K1 Speed Las Vegas

Step into a world of ultra-virtual reality in the K1 Speed VR Arena. Get armed to defend your team from a hoard of zombies. Enter the VR Battlefield and fight against robots. Or become a legendary pirate in a series of wacky adventures. Whichever game you choose, this VR arena has the tech to leave you amazed.

K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons
K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons
K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons
K1 Speed Las Vegas Coupons

More Information on K1 Speed Las Vegas

Here’s is your chance to play on the best VR systems in Las Vegas inside the brand-new Omni Arena by Virtuix. Experience running at full speed in VR with the brand-new Omni 2.0 motion technology. Upon arrival, you’ll choose from four thrilling games. Compete with your friends on the VR Battlefield with Elite Force, destroy hordes of zombies together with VRZ, or chase swashbuckling pirates in the all-new Blackbeard and more! What’s more, all gamers leave with a free video of their gameplay.

Virtual Reality Experience highlights

Elite Force – Deathmatch Shooter

Fight alongside or against your friends in this military shooter. The team that eliminates the most enemies wins. 

VRZ Zombie Shooter

It’s time to lock and load to defeat hordes of zombies with a vast range of weapons before they eat you alive! 

Core Defense Robot Shooter – 2 Maps: Metropolis | Coliseum

Your team’s mission: protect the Powercore in the arena against waves of robots. The team with the highest score wins.

Blackbeard – Pirate Adventure

Ever wanted to experience a pirate’s life? Well, now you can. Loot treasure, defeat foes, and overcome special challenges to become a true pirate legend in this thrilling interactive game.

Address & Contact Information

K1 Speed Las Vegas
4175 S Arville Street,
Las Vegas, NV 89103

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