Clark County Museum Coupons

Clark County Museum Coupons

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About Clark County Museum

If you’re planning on driving to the Hoover Dam — or want to travel back in time — the Clark County Museum is one stop you don’t want to miss. Located on Boulder Highway in Henderson (about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip), the museum is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. But that’s what makes this experience so authentic — and fun! The museum consists of two parts: A vast outdoor area with historic homes, a “ghost town” and old trains and an indoor exhibit showcasing a physical timeline of Nevada from ancient times to present. And for only $2 a person, you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

Clark County Museum Coupons
Clark County Museum Coupons
Clark County Museum Coupons
Clark County Museum Coupons

More Information on Clark County Museum

The museum’s Heritage Street takes you through a time warp. Not only will you forget you’re in Vegas, you’ll feel like you traveled back 100 years. The tree-lined streets provide ample shading on hot summer days and the manicured lawns and rabbits hopping around add a pleasant touch. Explore five fully-furnished houses ranging from the early 1900s to the 1950s.

Built in 1912, the Beckley house is a California bungalow-style house that was once located on Fourth Street in downtown Las Vegas. At the time, it cost only $2,500. The Beckley house was the last pioneer home in the area and moved to the museum in 1979. Built in 1931, the Goumond House was glamorous for its time. The mint green walls and pastel-colored interior give you an idea of the style of the era. The bathroom even features colored toilet paper (remember those?). Also in the Goumond House, you’ll see a room filled with old TVs and record players from the 1950s.

Address & Contact Information

Clark County Museum
1830 S Boulder Hwy
Henderson, NV 89002

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