Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons

Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons

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About Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles

This 5½-hour Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles food tour explores the extreme culinary diversity and ingenuity of LA’s oldest neighborhoods, a staggeringly enormous and magical city that has developed. Culinary Backstreets lead you to the most dynamic eats in this massive, extensive city, united most closely by a surfeit of great eating. Be it the famous restaurant or innovative street chef doing something the country or world is yet to experience – or the low-key genius preserving and sharing the time-honored recipes of those that came before them.

Along the way, it will allow food to tell the story of L.A.’s past and present, from its famous innovations to the issues of gentrification, activism, and appropriation surrounding upstart restaurateurs and neighborhood cooks trying to share a bite of their cultures from within long-established communities.

Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons
Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons
Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons
Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles Coupons

More Information on Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles

The day of the Los Angeles food tour begins in LA’s atmospheric Chinatown, experiencing a culinary renaissance. First, everyone will sit down at a new spot – modern and traditional – for a reinvented tea ceremony, followed by a taste of some of the most innovative tacos. After a few other delectable stops in Chinatown, all will rummage through a tiny Vietnamese bodega to find LA’s preeminently delicious Báhn Mì and continue their walk down storied Olvera Street, stopping for taquitos at the spot where they were invented before checking out Union Station and Pueblo de Los Angeles, including Avila Adobe, built in 1818 – the oldest existing residence in Los Angeles.

Traversing the Hollywood Freeway, the tour will stop to discuss how cars and then later freeways transformed Los Angeles into the postmodern paradise it is today before proceeding to pedestrian-friendly backstreets of Little Tokyo to sample some of the most authentic – and delicious – Japanese food in America, from exquisite sushi to artisanal mochi. Walking down Broadway, everyone will marvel at example after example of the city’s most impressive architecture and sample some of the best bites to be found inside LA’s oldest food market. All along the way, it will stop for other surprises, both edible and cultural.

The food journey may seem extensive, but it’s truly only a taste of the banquet laid out for the bold, the curious, and the courageous as they continue to explore the seemingly boundaryless City of Angels.

Special Features

  • The best route for gluten-free diets
  • The fee includes everything consumed on the walk.
  • Samples of fish can be altered for pescatarians.
  • Meals can be altered for vegetarians but not for vegans
  • Children are also welcome.
  • Includes market visits
  • Terrain fairly flat/ Stroller friendly

Address & Contact Information

Culinary Backstreets Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA

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