Battleground Orlando Coupons

Battleground Orlando Coupons

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Save $10.99 for Two Hours of Laser Tag for One Person Including a Slice of Pizza
Save $21.00 for Two Hours of Laser Tag for Two People Including a Slice of Pizza
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About Battleground Orlando

At first glance, Battleground Orlando’s grassy Field F may look suspiciously unoccupied, dotted with only trees, a few wooden forts, and some stacks of tires. But the regulars know better. They sit still as statues, gripping their laser guns and surveying the landscape for peeking heads and dashing bodies. This mix of strategy and stealth resembles a video game, and that’s by design. The course, inspired by the video game Call of Duty, is one of six courses at Battleground Orlando Laser Tag, each with its own mental and physical challenges, ambiance, and 99-life-granting cheat codes.

Battleground Orlando Coupons
Battleground Orlando Coupons
Battleground Orlando Coupons
Battleground Orlando Coupons

More Information on Battleground Orlando

Keeping with this realistic aesthetic, the laser-tag facility hands out advanced lasers designed for military use and outfitted with a red dot sight, sight rails, infrared beams, and RF signals with a 1,000-foot range. Players can partake in team battles as well as scenario games such as “capture the flag,” “last man standing,” and “whiten my teeth before my big job interview.” Battleground Orlando, which also houses Orlando Paintball, is the largest indoor and outdoor laser tag facility in Florida, and it’s open daily from noon to midnight and until 6 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.


NOT YOUR TYPICAL LASER TAG. They have real all-terrain combat fields, … you may get dirty. This is the closest to real combat you can get. They have Indoor and Outdoor courses with grass, sand, trenches, woods, sometimes mud, urban structures, etc. So leave your Gucci purses and designer shoes at home and prepare for battle! ( Battleground Orlando does rent jumpsuits. )

Address & Contact Information

Battleground Orlando
7215 Rose Avenue,
Orlando, FL 32810

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