Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons

Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons

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About Bigfoot Axe Thrower

Bigfoot Axe Throwers – The Premier Axe Throwing Spot In Orlando. Let’s face it, at some point, you must have fantasized about throwing an axe. Well, you can’t ask for a better opportunity to materialize this wild dream. Bigfoot Axe Throwers offers an exquisite atmosphere and experience where you and your friends can dine (eat sumptuous pizza from the nearby pizzeria), drink, and throw axes at will. To boost your experience, they have ensured each lane has its own computerized scoring system. Bigfoot Axe Throwers is extremely proud to amp up the overall industry standard.

Walk in at your convenience, or book your axe-throwing reservation right now! They utilize end grain objectives that are up a notch in terms of quality compared to what their competitors are using. Besides, their lanes are the safest lanes imaginable, all thanks to the patent-pending no-bounce boundaries! Above all, it is upper easy to track the score with the help of the digital scoreboard. So get a companion. Gather your loved ones. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons
Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons
Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons
Bigfoot Axe Thrower Coupons

More Information on Bigfoot Axe Thrower

The team at Bigfoot Axe Throwers takes axe throwing to a new level with advanced scoring systems, TVs and tablets at every lane, and multiple games for more competitive customers. The trainers share their skills and knowledge and instruct customers on how to have fun and stay safe. The sport is family friendly and a great idea for a day out with friends or corporate team building.

General Axe Throwing Safety Rules For All Throwers

There is no denying that axe throwing is an incredibly fun activity, but that does not mean you can take it casually. In fact, every thrower must be cautious and adhere to the following general Bigfoot Axe Thrower axe-throwing safety guidelines to indulge in this activity without keeping his/her safety at risk:  

  • The first item of safety gear you should get is close-toed shoes. Though it is uncommon for throwers to injure their feet with the axe, wearing high heels or open-toed shoes could potentially expose you to danger. We do not put any restrictions on clothing. However, wearing something comfortable such as a loose-fitting top or sweatshirt is highly advisable.
  • Being aware of your surroundings is the next step in enhancing axe-throwing safety. Make sure the area around your throw is free of anything that might end up affecting your throw.
  • Do not attempt to catch an axe. If an axe bounces off a target, take a short step back to the side in your lane.
  • Enter a lane only when it is entirely clear. Step directly into your lane while entering a lane through the gate; do not wander into another player’s territory. You must always remain behind the walled area if you are not throwing at the Bigfoot Axe Thrower.

Address & Contact Information

Bigfoot Axe Thrower
3262 Vineland Rd. Suite 107
Kissimmee, FL. 34746

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