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The Bureau Escape Room Promo Code

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About The Bureau Escape Room

No locks. No Keys. Just fun. Oh, and no crossword puzzles either. The Bureau Escape Room is the next generation of Escape Rooms. The Bureau is an adventure game (or “escape game”) where you become a secret agent to stop an evil genius, save a mystical creature, and more. They introduced the world to the concept of a real-life video game, where you’re plunged into an immersive environment to escape some kind of danger. Escaping this impending doom — be it a mummy’s curse, a kidnapper, or otherwise — usually entails solving a series of puzzles to unlock doors with codes and keys.

The Bureau Escape Room Promo Code
The Bureau Escape Room Promo Code
The Bureau Escape Room Promo Code
The Bureau Escape Room Promo Code

More Information on The Bureau Escape Room

But video games aren’t just about escaping hazards. They’re also about exploring, interacting with the world, and achieving other goals. Escape rooms should be too. The Bureau’s adventure games build on the spirit of escape games and push the genre forward. With The Bureau, you can go on secret missions to save the Loch Ness Monster, infiltrate an evil genius lair, and more. Puzzles play an important part in these experiences, but their technology makes them — and the environment — work as you’d expect in a video game.


Confront an evil entity at an abandoned school.


An alien has crash-landed and it’s up to you to help launch it back into space.


Break into a warehouse and steal a relic with your crackerjack tram… who just happen to be puppets.


Break into the core of Dr. Braingood’s lair and disable his drill before it destroys the planet.


Operatives, a rogue scientist has sabotaged a lab at loch ness. you must quickly hatch a loch-ness creature before the species is lost forever. warning: your group will be split into two teams!


Play all four missions back to back in a late-night or morning marathon. includes bureau coffee mugs and unlimited caffeine for each player. 72 hours advance notice is required to book online. for missions less than 72 hours, an engineer may be able to assist based on availability.

Age Requirement

  • The Bureau Escape Room only charges for children ages 8 and up. Younger kids can join, but since the experience may be too difficult for them, they can tag along for free.
  • Anyone under 15 must be accompanied on their mission by a paying adult.
  • Participants under the age of 18 will need a parent or legal guardian to sign a waiver.

Rescheduling Policy

  • If you need to change your mission or start time with more than 24 hours’ notice there is no fee.
  • You will be subject to a rescheduling fee of $25 if you need to change your mission.
  • Missions cannot be rescheduled with less than 3 hours notice.
  • ‍Rescheduling a mission is subject to availability.

When you are late!

  • We ask that players show up 15 minutes before their experience.
  • If you’re up to 15 minutes late for your reservation’s start time, you can still embark on your mission, but with a shortened play time.‍
  • However, If you’re more than 15 minutes late, you will not be able to play.
  • The Bureau Escape Room cannot for late arrivals.

Address & Contact Information

The Bureau Escape Room
5400 International Dr., Suite B
Orlando, FL 32819

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