Top 10 Things to Do In Washington DC

Prepare for a whirlwind of fun and discovery as you explore the vibrant city of Washington, D.C.! From iconic monuments to world-class museums, this bustling capital is a playground for history buffs, culture enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the National Mall, where the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial stand tall, inviting you to snap the perfect selfie. Wander through the captivating halls of the Smithsonian museums, where you’ll encounter everything from ancient artifacts to space-age technology. Indulge in the diverse culinary scene, savoring mouthwatering cuisine from food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants. Embark on a bike ride along the scenic Potomac River, or explore the charming neighborhoods that offer a unique blend of history and contemporary charm.

From vibrant festivals to lively street performances, there’s always something exciting happening in the city that pulses with energy. So, whether you’re marveling at the grand architecture, strolling through lush parks, or simply soaking in the lively atmosphere, visiting Washington, D.C., promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you craving more!

Washington DC Tours

1.  City Night Tour

Top 10 Things to Do In Washington DC

Get ready to witness the enchanting transformation of Washington, D.C., as the sun sets and the city illuminates with magic during a DC Night Tour that promises an evening of fun and adventure! Climb a comfortable tour bus and embark on a whimsical journey through the glittering streets. Marvel at the majestic monuments that come alive under the twinkling stars as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument captivate your imagination. Cruise past the beautifully lit White House, experiencing its grandeur in a new light. Watch as the city’s iconic landmarks illuminate the night sky, creating a stunning backdrop for your laughter-filled escapade. With lively commentary from your knowledgeable guide and stops at breathtaking viewpoints, you’ll have ample opportunities to capture Insta-worthy moments. The DC Night Tour is a delightful way to soak in the city’s beauty after dark, creating unforgettable memories that will light up your heart long after the tour ends. So, embrace the nocturnal charm, embrace the vibrant energy, and let the magic of Washington, D.C. ignite your senses!

2.  DC in a Day

Get ready for a whirlwind adventure through the nation’s capital with USA Guided Tours DC! Buckle up and prepare for a day filled with laughter, awe, and unforgettable memories. Hop aboard the comfortable tour bus as your knowledgeable guide journeys through iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Marvel at the majestic Lincoln Memorial, snap selfies with the awe-inspiring Washington Monument and feel the patriotic spirit at the stirring Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Cruise past the grandeur of the White House and immerse yourself in the history-packed halls of the U.S. Capitol.

As you explore the bustling neighborhoods, from charming Georgetown to vibrant Chinatown, you’ll get a taste of the diverse tapestry that makes D.C. so unique. With entertaining narration, fascinating anecdotes, and plenty of photo opportunities, the USA Guided Tours DC in a day tour is the perfect way to see it all without missing a beat. So, sit back, relax, and let the experts guide you through the city’s captivating stories, leaving you with memories that will last a lifetime!

3.  Mt. Vernon and Old Town Alexandria

No trip to Washington, D.C. would be complete without venturing beyond the city limits to explore the charming wonders of Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria, located in Virginia! Prepare for a delightful escape as you step into history and embrace the captivating spirit of these two iconic destinations. At Mount Vernon, the historic home of George Washington, you’ll stroll through lush gardens, meander along the Potomac River, and uncover the fascinating tales of America’s first president. From exploring the meticulously preserved mansion to immersing yourself in the daily activities of a working 18th-century farm, Mount Vernon offers an immersive experience that will transport you back in time.

Meanwhile, in Old Town Alexandria, this picturesque waterfront community’s cobblestone streets and colonial architecture beckon you to wander and explore. Delve into charming boutiques, savor delectable cuisine at quaint restaurants, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this enchanting Virginia town. Whether admiring the view from the bustling marina or discovering hidden historical gems, Old Town Alexandria is a treasure trove of history and charm. So, venture beyond the city’s borders, embrace the allure of Mount Vernon and Old Town Alexandria, and let these timeless destinations weave their spell, leaving you with memories that will stand the test of time.

4. DC Scavenger Hunt

Top 10 Things to Do In Washington DC

Gear up for an epic adventure through the streets of Washington, D.C., with the DC Scavenger Hunt from! Get ready to unleash your inner detective as you navigate the nation’s capital’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Assemble your team of intrepid explorers and embark on a quest filled with riddles, clues, and brain-teasing challenges. From the historical monuments to bustling neighborhoods, every corner of D.C. becomes a playground for your sleuthing skills. Solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and unlock the city’s mysteries as you race against the clock. Immerse yourself in the rich history and vibrant culture, all while laughing, bonding, and creating unforgettable memories with your fellow adventurers. So, grab your map, put on your thinking cap, and let the DC Scavenger Hunt take you on a wild, laughter-filled escapade through the heart of the capital city!

5.  National Archives Tour

Prepare for an extraordinary journey into the past as you step into the hallowed halls of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Get ready to witness history come alive as you embark on a captivating tour like no other. Immerse yourself in the treasure trove of documents, artifacts, and records that have shaped the nation’s story. From the iconic Declaration of Independence to the mesmerizing Constitution and the Bill of Rights, you’ll be in awe of the tangible pieces of history that surround you. Marvel at the intricate calligraphy, delicate preservation techniques, and the sheer weight of significance behind each document. Explore exhibits that delve into the lesser-known stories, uncovering the quirky and unexpected moments that define America’s narrative. Don’t forget to strike a pose for a photo op with the Founding Fathers! The National Archives tour is a thrilling adventure that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the power of words and the enduring legacy they hold.

Washington DC Attractions

1. The International Spy Museum

Top 10 Things to Do In Washington DC

Experience the ultimate thrill at the Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., a must-visit destination that will transport you into the heart of the espionage world. Prepare to be captivated as you delve into the covert operations of spies throughout history. With over 150 exhibits packed with intrigue, you’ll uncover the secrets of spycraft while immersed in a world of gadgets, disguises, and codes. Sharpen your senses as you navigate through interactive displays, honing your deception and undercover missions skills. Marvel at the ingenuity of hidden cameras, invisible ink, and encrypted messages that shaped the fate of nations. Delve into the stories of real-life spies, unravel their cloak-and-dagger adventures, and gain insights into their extraordinary lives. From the Cold War to modern cyber espionage, the Spy Museum reveals the hidden truths behind international intelligence operations. Whether you’re a fan of James Bond or a history buff, this extraordinary museum guarantees an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling like a true secret agent. So, gear up, infiltrate the world of espionage, and let the adventure begin!

2. The Smithsonian

Welcome to the vibrant world of the Smithsonian museums in Washington, D.C., where knowledge and fun collide! Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey through a treasure trove of cultural wonders. Begin your adventure at the National Air and Space Museum, where you’ll explore the vast expanse of the cosmos and marvel at the incredible aviation feats. Next, dive into history at the National Museum of American History, where you’ll encounter iconic artifacts that shaped the nation’s story. Don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Natural History, home to mesmerizing fossils, dazzling gemstones, and creatures from all corners of the globe. Step into the realm of art at the National Gallery of Art, where masterpieces from renowned artists will captivate your senses. Delve into the depths of scientific discovery at the National Museum of Science and Technology. Lastly, don’t miss the captivating African American History and Culture Museum, the enlightening National Museum of the American Indian, and the thought-provoking Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. With a wide array of museums to explore, the Smithsonian experience promises an adventure that will ignite your curiosity and leave you with memories that last a lifetime!

3. Library of Congress’ Thomas Jefferson Building

Embark on a literary adventure at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., where knowledge and imagination intertwine! Discover a treasure trove of books, manuscripts, and rare artifacts that will transport you through time and across genres. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Great Hall, adorned with intricate mosaics and towering marble columns. Browse through the extensive collection spanning centuries and continents, from ancient times to modern masterpieces. Marvel at the Gutenberg Bible, the world’s first printed book, and lose yourself in the enchanting Reading Room. Delve into the mysteries of literary history, uncovering hidden stories and forgotten tales. Snap a photo with the iconic Main Reading Room as your backdrop and soak in the scholarly atmosphere. Whether you’re a bookworm, a history enthusiast, or an architecture lover, visiting the Library of Congress promises an intellectual escapade that will ignite your passion for learning. So, channel your inner bibliophile, explore the literary wonders, and let your imagination run wild among the pages of knowledge!

4. Planet Word

Top 10 Things to Do In Washington DC

DC’s newest museums celebrate the power and evolution of language. Welcome to Planet World, the cosmic playground of wonders in Washington, D.C.! Brace yourself for an intergalactic adventure filled with astronomical excitement and extraterrestrial delights. Explore the vastness of space as you journey through mesmerizing exhibits that showcase the wonders of our universe. Gaze in awe at the dazzling celestial bodies, from sparkling stars to mysterious black holes. Learn about the latest space missions, futuristic technologies, and the possibilities of extraterrestrial life. Engage in hands-on activities like launching rockets, piloting simulated spacecraft, and experiencing zero gravity. Get up close and personal with meteorites, moon rocks, and even a replica of the International Space Station. Discover the mysteries of the cosmos while immersing yourself in the captivating blend of science and imagination. Planet World guarantees an astronomical experience that will leave you starry-eyed and craving for more cosmic adventures. So, strap in, set your coordinates, and prepare for an out-of-this-world journey like no other!

5. DC Metro Escalators

Regarding unique experiences in Washington, D.C., visiting the two longest escalators in the city is an adventure you won’t want to miss! The first stop on your escalator extravaganza is the Wheaton Metro Station, where you’ll encounter the awe-inspiring Wheaton Escalator. As you descend, be prepared to feel the thrill of riding the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere, stretching over 230 feet. Gliding down this immense moving staircase is both exhilarating and memorable.

Next, go to the Rosslyn Metro Station, where you’ll encounter the equally impressive Rosslyn Escalator. This colossal escalator propels you upwards, covering a distance of over 200 feet. As you ascend, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Potomac River, creating a truly unique and memorable experience.

Visiting these record-breaking escalators provides a fun twist to your exploration of D.C. Not every day, you get to ride escalators of such impressive scale! The sheer size and magnitude of these escalators add an element of excitement and a touch of adventure to your journey. It’s an opportunity to marvel at engineering feats while enjoying a unique perspective of the city.

So, whether you’re an escalator enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and out-of-the-ordinary experience, riding the two longest escalators in D.C. promises an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure that will leave you with a sense of awe and bragging rights to share with your friends!

There are many things to do in Washington, DC; we know there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy.