Escapology Tampa Coupons

Escapology Tampa Coupons

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About Escapology Tampa

Tampa’s premium real-life escape game experience! Up to 8 players will be challenged in this Escape Game by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and unlock locks that will free them from the game room. Do you have what it takes to escape?

Escapology Tampa Coupons
Escapology Tampa Coupons
Escapology Tampa Coupons
Escapology Tampa Coupons

The Games: Escapology Tampa


The town of Crystal Cove and the surrounding areas are being terrorized by monsters and ghosts. The local Baroness Maria Richman has gone missing and it is suspected that the ghost sightings have something to do with it!

TH3 C0D3:

“Nitr0,” heard the name? If you haven’t, you’re about to learn. All of America might soon find it plastered across their TV screens. Nitr0 is the world’s greatest hacker, he’s completed over 300 cyber crimes, yet the FBI doesn’t have any leads to his identity. Early this morning, a video was received at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Nitr0 informed the Bureau of his plan to release a virus that will drain 100 million United States bank accounts of over $75 billion. You are FBI Agent Alex Vargas, a fresh face in the Cyber Crime Unit. Fueled by optimism and a need for success, you determine that taking down Nitr0 would be the best way to climb the ladder to the top. You’ve received an anonymous lead, apparently, Nitr0 has been tracked to an apartment in Cambridge. It’s a long shot, but it’s the only thing you’ve got.


Dr. Walter Brandt is a high-ranking chemical weapons specialist for the United States government, part of a secret department that is only recognized by a series of mysterious numbers and letters. He has been developing powerful viruses capable of eradicating enemy forces with swift pace and deadly accuracy. Foreign powers have noted Dr. Brandt’s work and have recruited him to develop a powerful virus capable of killing their enemies in hours. He has gone rogue and become a threat to the US and the entire human race. You are a team of scientists investigating Dr. Brandt’s abandoned laboratory. You’ve been tasked with finding the only known antidote to virus TS-51 before it gets passed into enemy hands.


Archibald Tucker was one of the greatest explorers of the 1930s. His tales of adventure were known worldwide, and his prized journal documented every adventure. While exploring an abandoned temple in The Lost City, he uncovered a rare treasure that no man alive had seen! A sudden gust of wind slams the temple door shut – sealing Tucker and his journal inside! Both were never seen again.


You are Robert Montgomerie, the only remaining direct heir to the Kildermorie Estate and the Montgomerie family fortune. You’re attending a family gathering hosted by your Grandfather, Hugh ‘Monty’ Montgomerie, the 9th Earl of Kildermorie, to celebrate the dawn of the new Millennium. As the guests raise a toast, a scream fills the air…Your Grandfather is found dead in the library – and it looks like MURDER!

Need to Know

  • As a courtesy to all players, all games start exactly at their published time. If you arrive late, you can still play, but you will have time deducted from your 60 minutes. You must arrive 15 minutes before your game starts to check in and sign your waivers. There will be no refunds for late arrivals.
  • No special skills or knowledge are required to play the games apart from a decent understanding of English.
  • While the game allows you to leave the room anytime, it is better for your experience to stay in the game until you escape.
  • No cell phones are permitted at Escapology Tampa! The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited. We provide a safe place in each game room for you to store your phone and belongings while you play!

Address & Contact Information

Escapology Tampa
102 W Oak Ave
Tampa, FL 33602

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Escapology Tampa Coupons

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