Dallas Heritage Village Coupons

Dallas Heritage Village Coupons

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About Dallas Heritage Village

The mission of Dallas Heritage Village is to collect, preserve, and teach the history of Dallas and North Central Texas. Located in historic Old City Park, the museum uses its collections of historic buildings and furnishings, representing the period 1840-1910, to sponsor research, publications, and exhibits and to present educational programs and special events for diverse audiences of children, families, and adults.

Dallas Heritage Village Coupons
Dallas Heritage Village Coupons
Dallas Heritage Village Coupons
Dallas Heritage Village Coupons

More Information on Dallas Heritage Village

Dallas Heritage Village is home to the most extensive and finest collection of 19th-century pioneer and Victorian homes and commercial buildings in Texas. These buildings moved throughout North Central Texas to Dallas’ first city park. They line the tree-shaded 20-acre setting of Dallas Heritage Village. Stroll the grounds and discover what life was like over 100 years ago for ordinary Texans.

Dallas Heritage Village and the land it sits has a long and rich connection with Dallas history. Site of many firsts, this piece of land became Dallas’ first city park in 1876, simply called City Park. After World War II, many people moved to the suburbs around Dallas, and highways were built to get them into the city for work. Interstate 30 cut the Cedars neighborhood off from downtown, leaving the neighborhood and the park in decline.

The future of City Park looked dim until a group of women determined to save a historic plantation house from the wrecking ball offered the park a new role in the culture of Dallas. The ladies who rescued Millermore had it reconstructed in City Park, where it became the first 21 buildings transported here to become a village. When Millermore opened here in 1969, the museum was called Old City Park. In 2005 the museum’s name was changed to Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park to reflect the living village it has become.


Old City Park programs tend to meet the needs of everyone, from young adults to senior citizens. From workshops to a blacksmithing class, or special guided tours, curious learners of all ages can enjoy the Park year-round. They offer a variety of children’s programs and field trip programs.


Learn the fundamental skills and blacksmithing tools needed to forge steel. Using these skills and a coal-fired forge, students will heat iron to forging temperature and create several different decorative pieces such as nail and/or hook with an anvil, hammer, and tongs. No prior blacksmithing skills or knowledge is needed.

Children’s Programs

Join in the fun at Old City Park! We gladly provide a variety of educational programs throughout the year for children of all ages. Come experience the past through one of our many hands-on history programs!

Field Trip Programs

Ever wondered what life was like in early Dallas? Your students become Dallas History Detectives when they step back in time and explore the many hands-on areas and historic homes.

Address & Contact Information

Dallas Heritage Village
1515 South Harwood
Dallas 75215

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