iFLY Denver Coupons

iFLY Denver Coupons

iFLY Denver Coupons

About iFLY Denver:

iFLY is an indoor skydiving experience that creates true free fall conditions, just like skydiving, without having to jump out of an airplane. iFLY’s 1,000 hp vertical wind tunnel generates a wall-to-wall cushion of air, on which you safely float. There’s no parachute, no jumping, and nothing attaching you to planet Earth. It’s just you and the air, it’s the most incredible adrenaline rush.

How to Redeem iFLY Denver Coupons

  • iFLY Denver Coupons

  • We don’t have discount yet, but are constantly working to get you the best deal. In the meantime, please buy your ticket directly on the iFLY Denver website. Thank you! We love you and have fun flying!
    iFLY Denver Coupons

Important Information:

  • Flyers are required to check-in 45 minutes before their scheduled flight time.
  • Scheduled flights may be rescheduled within 48 hours advance notice.
  • All participants must sign our Release of Liability.
  • People with prior heart issues, back injuries or shoulder dislocations should not fly!
  • Participants under 6 feet tall must weigh less than 230 pounds.
  • Participants over 6 feet tall must weigh less than 250 pounds.
  • Additional restrictions may apply.
  • Participants under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign an iFLY release of liability and the parent or legal guardian must present a valid ID.
  • If the parent or legal guardian cannot attend, the participant must provide an iFLY release of liability signed by a parent or legal guardian and a photocopy of the parent or legal guardian’s valid ID.

Our Mission: To deliver the dream of flight to everyone

Company Overview

iFLY is the experiential entertainment company that created modern indoor skydiving…we make the dream of flight a reality by giving our customers “wings” in a safe and reliable environment.

iFLY started in 1998 as SkyVenture, LLC. Once we had developed the technology to create a stable, wall-to-wall cushion of air in a flight chamber, we knew we could offer an incredibly realistic and safe indoor skydiving experience. We opened our first indoor skydiving facility in 1999. Between 1999 and 2005, we opened three more facilities. In 2005, we rebranded ourselves iFLY, maintaining SkyVenture as our design and manufacturing company.

Today, iFLY has 37 locations around the world in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia, and the list continues to grow.

iFLY Denver Coupons

Address & Contact Information:

iFLY Denver
Park Meadows Dr
Lone Tree, CO 80124
(303) 768-9000