Denver Downtown Aquarium Coupons

Denver Downtown Aquarium

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About Denver Downtown Aquarium

Explore more than a million gallons of underwater exhibits and over 500 species of animals that highlight fascinating ecosystems around the world.

Denver Downtown Aquarium Coupons
Denver Downtown Aquarium Coupons
Denver Downtown Aquarium Coupons
Denver Downtown Aquarium Coupons

More Information on Denver Downtown Aquarium

Come to the Denver Downtown Aquarium and watch mermaids swim amongst their sea life friends choreographed to music, all while teaching about the importance of taking care of our environment, in the Under the Sea Exhibit. Learn about the variety of interesting marine habitats on the North American continent, as well as the wonderful creatures that live in them. See how animals in a wharf habitat have adapted to survive tides, crashing waves, and tough environments. See a sunken temple, a shipwreck, and a coral lagoon, and explore how those features influence the habitat and the animals around them.

North America

The North American continent is home to a variety of different habitats. Learning about the interesting habitats and the wonderful creatures that call our continent home is the first step toward ensuring that these habitats will be there for generations to come.

In The Desert

Deserts receive less than 10 inches of rain per year and have a very high evaporation rate, which exceeds the annual rainfall rate. Animals living in the desert have adapted to dryness, extreme temperatures and lack of shelter from the sun.

Coral Lagoon

Barrier reefs consist of ridges of coral that run parallel to coastlines. They serve as barricades, breaking down wave energy before it reaches land. This saltwater habitat simulates a protected coral lagoon, sheltered from the pounding waves by a barrier reef.

Address & Contact Information

Denver Downtown Aquarium
700 Water St.
Denver, Co. 80211

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