Top 10 Things to Do In Denver 

Denver, Colorado, is the most heavily populated city in the state. The city’s population continues to rapidly grow, and it is easy to see why! Denver has something for everybody, whether you enjoy the arts, nature, or city life. If you’re planning a trip to Denver, read on to learn about the Top Things to Do In Denver. 

1. Foothills Explorer Tour From Denver

Top 10 Things to Do In Denver

Foothills Explorer Tour From Denver allows travelers to see some of the prettiest sites in the state! The tour lasts for about half a day and travels through historic sites and mountains. 

2. Denver Ghost Tour

Out of all Denver Tours, The Denver Ghost Tour is the most spooky. Travel through Denver’s oldest neighborhood near Denver Capitol Hill and visit haunted sites with your tour guide and group! 

3. Denver Scavenger Hunt: Hunt Through the Denver Zoo

Denver Scavenger Hunt Through the Denver Zoo is a wonderful attraction for families and wildlife lovers. Zoos are already entertaining, and the scavenger hunt adds an extra layer of fun. 

4. The Wings Over The Rockies Space Museum 

Top 10 Things to Do In Denver

The Wings Over The Rockies Space Museum is unique compared to other Denver Attractions. Those that visit the museum see some of the most popular aircraft and vehicles known in the United States! 

5. The Denver Botanic Gardens 

When people imagine Denver’s nature scene, most people automatically think of the mountains. The Denver Botanic Gardens provide an alternative way to enjoy Denver, Colorado’s beautiful landscape. 

6. The Smash It Break Room

Denver’s The Smash It Break Room is a great way to blow off steam or participate in an experience you are unlikely to find elsewhere. The Smash It Break Room is just what you’d imagine. A room where you can smash things without any penalty! 

7. Hammond’s Candy Factory 

Top 10 Things to Do In Denver

While you’re in Denver, treat your sweet tooth at Hammond’s Candy Factory. The factory provides free tours located behind the scenes! You even get free candy while touring. 

8. The 16th Street Mall

The 16th Street Mall is not your typical mall. It’s a strip of shops located in downtown Denver. Shoppers may even see horses and buggies going up and down the strip. 

9. Colorado Music Hall of Fame 

The Colorado Music Hall of Fame provides guests with an education that covers Denver’s music scene. Best of all, the Colorado Music Hall of Fame is free and open most days of the week! 

10. The Denver Mint

Top 10 Things to Do In Denver

The Denver Mint is a great place to visit for those that collect coins or individuals that simply enjoy history. The Denver Mint is one of two mints that are still active in the whole country!