Gulliver’s Gate Coupons

Gulliver's Gate Coupons

Gulliver’s Gate Coupons:

  • Gulliver's Gate Coupons

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    Gulliver's Gate Coupons

  • Gulliver's Gate Coupons

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About Gulliver’s Gate:

Explore the gigantic miniature world of Gulliver’s Gate right in the heart of New York City. This city block wide attraction features a miniature world with exhibits such as Latin America, Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Russia, and more. These miniature replicas of cities across the globe allow you to get a glimpse of our world all at once. This small world is Times Square’s biggest hit!

Experience an interactive world of miniatures from around the globe. Permanently housed in a space of almost 50,000 square feet, Gulliver’s Gate is a unique and playful interpretation of the real world in miniature, inspired by the places we live, work, play, and dream about. Both familiar and unexpected, the past, present and future combine in unexpected ways to reveal commonalities and connections across time and cultures.

Gulliver’s Gate is bursting with life and motion. Model trains crisscross mountainsides. Planes soar off runways. Cars traverse busy highways. Intricately constructed ships pass through the Panama Canal. And an Egyptian Pharaoh is laid to rest by the rippling Nile. Our interactive miniature marvel is the size of a city block and lets you travel the world, customizing your journey across time and continents.

Gulliver’s welcomes people everywhere to experience this world for themselves, and even become Model Citizens, permanent miniature residents. You belong in this world.

Please note that our models are our interpretation of different cities from around the world. While we have added our unique Gulliver’s Gate touch, in order to fit everything, some of our models are not to scale of the actual sites.

Please present E-ticket at check-in. There are no refunds. Guests have one year from the date of purchase to redeem their ticket. Your ticket includes general admission, a lanyard & key that will allow you to interact with our models.

Gulliver's Gate Coupons

Address & Contact Information:

Gulliver’s Gate
216 W 44th St
New York, NY 10036